About Sam Horn

Sam Horn, Intrigue Expert

Founder, and CEO of the INTRIGUE AGENCY helps people create respectful, collaborative, compelling, one-of-a-kind communications and projects that scale their income and positive influence – for good.

Her work  has been featured in New York Times, Fast Company, Investors Business Daily, BusinessWeek, ForbesINC, Foreign Service Journal, Huffington Post and on MSNBC, Bloomberg, Sirius, and NPR.Her books  – including POP! Tongue Fu!®, ConZentrate, What’s Holding You Back? and Washington Post bestseller Got Your Attention? – have been endorsed by dozens of thought leaders including Stephen Covey, Dan Pink, Tony Robbins, Miki Agrawal, Keith Ferrazzi, Ken Blanchard and Marshall Goldsmith.Her 20+ year track record of results includes speaking for such clients as National Geographic, Cisco, SXSW, Fortune 500 Forum, Intel, American Society of Association Executives, Capital One, NASA, Young Presidents Organization, Boeing, KPMG, Accenture,  the U.S .Navy and Four Seasons Resorts.She was a top-rated speaker at INC 500/5000, along with Seth Godin, Jim Collins, Tom Peters and Tim Ferris and is the Pitch Coach for Springboard Enterprises which has helped entrepreneurs receive $6.6 billion in funding.  A partial list of credentials includes:

  • As President of Intrigue Agency, she has spoken to more than a half million people worldwide (e.g. Athens,  London, Geneva, Berlin, Dublin, Cancun, Toronto) and for hundreds of organizations including National Governors Association, American Bankers Association, California Governors Conference for Women, the U.S. Embassy in London and the Asian Leadership Conference in South Korea.
  • As a presentation/pitch coach and media training expert, Sam has helped hundreds of clients prepare for high-stakes communications including TED and TEDx talks, keynotes, fund-raising pitches, commencement speeches, job interviews and appearances on TV and at public events.a
  • Being interviewed on network TV (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, MSNBC) and radio shows in every major city (New York to LA).  She was featured on Jay Leno’s Tonight’s Show, Diane Rehm’s show on NPR,  and is a frequent guest on popular podcasts such as John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneur on Fire.
  • Pitch Coach for British Airways Face2Face competition, USA Today Perfect Pitch and Springboard Enterprises. Sam’s clients have won millions of funding and contracts (for example, a $250 million deal with Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world) as a result of their work with her.
  • 17-time Emcee of the Maui Writers Conference, hosting top agents/editors/publishers, Hollywood insiders (Ron Howard) and bestselling authors including Mitch Albom, Nicholas Sparks, and James Rollins. The Hhst of the annual Non-fiction retreat.
  • Author of 6 award-winning books from major publishers (translated into 17 languages; Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Hindi, Greek, Korean, Polish, Spanish, Japanese). 
    • Got Your Attention? How to Create Intrigue and Connect with Anyone (Berrett-Koehler) #1 Amazon in Business and Money, Sales&Marketing, Communication Skills. “Whether you’re pitching, presenting, promoting, or persuading… Sam Horn’s smart book will teach you how to get people’s attention – and keep it.” – Daniel Pink
    • POP! (Perigee-Penguin)  “One-third of the way through this book, you’ll be begging to hire Sam Horn as your consultant.” – Seth Godin, Tribes and Linchpin      “A rocket ship to your success.” – Jeffrey Gitomer, Little Red Book of Selling
    • Tongue Fu!® (St. Martins Press) “A lively, positive guide that can be returned to again and again.” – Library Journal      “A gold mine for anyone who deals with the public. She’s added to the legacy of ideas on dealing with people left by Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, and Dale Carnegie” – Executive Summaries
    • ConZentrate (St. Martins Press) “Fascinating, thought-provoking.” – Dr. Stephen Covey      “Horn successfully shows readers how to sharpen their minds.” – Publishers Weekly
    • What’s Holding You Back? (St. Martins Press) “A must-read for anyone who wants to be more powerful at work, at home, in social settings, at school and in sports.” Jack Canfield        “A fountain of wisdom.” – Rabbi Harold Kushner
    • Take the Bully by the Horns (St. Martins Press) “The perfect guide on how to avoid negative confrontations and face those who intimidate and manipulate you – without sacrificing your integrity.” – Dave Pelzer, a Boy Called It
  • Book coach and adviser who has helped hundreds of clients create quality evergreen books that scale impact and add value for all involved. Clients include Terry Jones (founder of Travelocity), Charlie Pellerin (Project Manager of Hubble Telescope).
  • Host of salons at National Press Club and co-producer of the 2015 Business Book Festival at Gannett headquarters featuring Jack Canfield (Success Principles), Amy Wilkinson (Creators Code), Dorie Clark (Stand Out), David Gelles (Mindful Work)
  • A partial list of clients (creating one-of-a-kind presentations, pitches, books, brands and business)  includes:
  • Kim Malek, (founder of Salt and Straw, Oprah’s favorite ice cream, featured in Gourmet and on Travel Channel)
  • Betsy Myers, (COO of President Obama’s campaign, White House Office for Women)
  • Sean Keener, (founder of BootsnAll, #1 website for independent travel, originator of Indie)
  • Dr. Joan Fallon (founder of CureMark, developers of treatment for autism)
  • Larry Lynch, (former Executive Director of the Disney Institute)
  • Gail Sheehy (author, Passages, LOC’s 10 Most Important Books of Our Times)
  • Joel Manby (President of Herschend Entertainment and on Undercover Boss)
  • Jeanne Sullivan, (one of Forbes “Top 5 Women Changing the World of VC’s )
  • JC Chamberlain (won a $250 million contract with Carlos Slim)
  • Jill Nelson (founder of Ruby Receptionists, U.S. #1 small business to work for)
  • Susan Sarfati (former President of American Society of Association Executives)
  • Ivan Misner (founder of BNI, largest business networking organization in world)
  • Member of TLC – Transformation Leadership Council – an invitation-only group of thought leaders in the personal/professional development world.  Members include John Gray,  Jack Canfield, Stewart Emory, Don Miguel Ruiz, Lynne Twist, Steve Farber, Jim Kwik, Sam Polk, etc.

Tongue Fu!® Get Along Better with Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Would you like to know what to do and say when:

* people are being unfair, unkind or inappropriate?
* you have to say no or give bad news?
* someone is blaming you for something that’s not your fault?
* customers are complaining?
* co-workers are gossiping and spreading untrue rumors?
* kids are out of control?
* your boss or spouse is a bully?
* you’re about to lose your cool and say something you’d regret?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions; you’re in the right place.

Isn’t it ironic? We’re taught math, science and history in school –
we’re not taught how to deal with difficult individuals – without
becoming one ourselves. We’re not taught how to keep rude, angry,
aggressive people from ruining our day (life)!

In these stressful times, it’s more important than ever to learn how
to think before we speak so our communications lead to cooperation, not conflict.

This book introduces EXACTLY what to say and do when dealing with
people who are upset, unreasonable or not treating you with the
respect you want, need and deserve. It also teaches how to model gracious, diplomatic, pro-active communication so people are motivated to respond in kind.

Discover for yourself why Tongue Fu!® has been taught around the world for hundreds of organizations including NASA,Boeing and the U.S.
Embassy in London, and why it’s been featured or favorably reviewed in Investors Business Daily, Readers Digest, Foreign Service Journal,
Publishers Weekly and Washington Post.

Never be tongue-tied or tongue-twisted again.

With Tongue Fu!®, you’ll learn how to stand up for yourself and hold
bullies accountable for their unacceptable behavior. And, you’ll learn how to turn resistance into rapport so you get along better with just about anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Close the deal

How often have you wished you knew how to defuse the difficult people who wreak havoc on your life? 

Whether it’s a neighbor who keeps disturbing your peace, an employer who manipulates you into unpaid overtime, a spouse who criticizes and controls your every move, a colleague who uses scare tactics to intimidate you, or a student who teases your child without mercy, Take the Bully by the Horns will give you real-life strategies stop people from taking advantage of you, including how to:

* Adopt a “don’t you dare” attitude
* Refuse to play The Blame-Shame Game
* Beat em to the punch…line
* Stop paying the price of nice
* Put all kidding aside
* Act on your anger instead of suffering in silence
* Savior Self from martyrs and guilt-mongers
* Not be victimized by crazy-making Jekyll/Hyde personalities
* Adopt the Clarity Rules and Rights

With these tools, you can take back your peace of mind and your sanity. You’ll be able to fight back constructively and prevent harassment by bullies, from the workplace to the schoolyard. The bold suggestions in Take the Bully by the Horns will show you once and for all how to convince unfair or unkind relatives, co-workers, customers, or strangers to either behave cooperatively or leave you alone.